Tanzania is an endless adventure and one of the most important wildlife havens in the world. Tanzania has one of the best areas of the continent for observing wildlife, and watching magic of Kilimanjaro that, with its almost 5.900 meters is the roof of Africa and its perpetual snows is one of the most characteristic scenes of the continent. The image of the savannah extends under the entire country and is home to the Masai where they graze their flocks. Along with them the national parks of Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire where is home of the highest concentration of animals in the world with over 30.000 animals, that every day shows us the cycle of life and death. Tanzania is also the cradle of humanity, being the place where you have found the oldest remains of humans existence. And if we want to finally enjoy the Tanzanian coast, no place better than Zanzibar with its beaches of white sand, turquoise blue sea and the smell of exotic spices that perfume the whole atmosphere.

Official name

United Republic of Tanzania


Political Regime

Multiparty Presidential Republic



945.087 km²



40.213.162 people.



Dodoma (official capital), Dar Es Salaam (administrative)


Ethnic Groups

99% are native Africans, of whom 95% are Bantu, divided into more than 130 tribes. Rest are Asians, Europeans and Arabs.



The official languages are Kiswahili and English. In Zanzibar, Arabic is spoken. Also many tribal languages are spoken.



The population is mainly Christian, Muslim and animist, although there is also a Hindu minority.



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