Africa  | 02/08/2017

CAPE TOWN, Worthy of a Paradise

White and endless beaches, open and sparkling sun, wildlife, adventure stories and wonderful views; Cape Town credentials invite the traveler to get carried away by the spell of one of the most African, but at the same time more cosmopolitan cities of the continent.

Cape Town enclave is what makes it so special. Its privileged location offers views, which from the heights of Table Mountain, are worthy of a paradise.

Another must-see is the famous Cape of Good Hope, a legendary place in navigation history for its importance on trade routes between the new and the old world.

Robben Island was a place of exile and isolation. It was the fate of those considered by the government political rioters and unwanted people, and the place that thwarted Nelson Mandela's aspirations. Now a World Heritage Site, the South African island-jail is half an hour's drive from the city.

And why not, any evening is great for a nice walk along the waterfront, full of restaurants, bars, music venues, shops and even an aquarium.



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