Asia  | 01/04/2015

PASHUPATINATH Stairway to Heaven

The most impressive place in Kathmandu is Pashupatinath, located on the banks of Bagmati River, that when descends from the Himalayas, communicates men with the gods. The place is a great Hindu ceremonial city, formed by different buildings, the main of which is devoted to Shiva, and only allow the access to the Hindus. However, it is not an impediment to live the adventure of walking aimlessly through this mystical city dotted with temples and sculptures.

Following an ancient tradition, every day arrive worshipers and saddhus that go down the wide stone steps, next to the temple, to Bagmati waters where they plunge for purification. The ghats, which are erected each morning with funeral pyres, offer a unique and challenging experience, to witness the cremation rite. The Living and the Dead, wealth and extreme poverty, are part of an emotional, intimate and creepy ritual.

Amid the smoke of the cremations, dozens of holy men, yogis and fakirs, many false characters, pose for pictures in exchange for a few rupees.

The devastating earthquake that Nepal suffered  few days ago, has substantially changed Nepalese lives, tearing off beloved ones and altering the landscape. However, they still have great attractions to discover, more than ever, its inhabitants will receive our travelers with their open arms.



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