Asia  | 22/02/2015

GOBI Desert in Mongolia

The idea of the Gobi Desert seen as an uninhabited wasteland of sand dunes has been only in the minds of a few romantics. On the contrary, the Gobi is very diverse with ice-filled canyons, rock formations and green oasis. The dunes covers only a 3% of its extension.

In Tugrigeen Shireh a Polish-Mongolian expedition discovered two dinosaurs intertwined in combat. Another famous place for his discoveries is Flaming Cliffs, or Bayanzang, where you can still see the fossils in the rocks. Khongoryn Els or the singing dunes is a landscape that hypnotizes you and offers the feeling of being in a garden where every morning some giant moves forward the dunes. Ekhiingol, is a small oasis in the southern desert. They grow fruits and vegetables for local use. To the north, the oasis of The Hundred Trees is the most arid area, but also provides water for men and animals.

This territory is so mysterious that even their animals are quite peculiar. On the one hand, the camel has two humps and hair like a coat that gives them a distinction air. On the other, a bear, unique in its kind to inhabit in such arid lands. The Springboks are the only animals that move fast in the desert.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing in the desert are its inhabitants, who, despite their isolation, are extremely hospitable and language barriers are never a problem.



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