Asia  | 29/03/2016

Amazing TANAH LOT Temple

West of Bali, 30 km. from Denpasar there is a place, which is one of the most incredible spots on the island. This is the amazing temple of Tanah Lot, a charming place, which runs quietly, and among other charms, has a wonderful sunsets. Temple location makes it unique as it is situated practically on the sea, built on a black rock in the sixteenth century by order of religious Nirartha.

At high tide, the stone mountain is surrounded by water, and access is impracticable; but at low tide, you can access walking along the sand. At Tanah Lot base, it is a small cave with a sacred spring where you can receive the traditional goodwill blessing, offered through some water and a little of rice on the forehead. When the sky becomes pink and orange, and gives off rays of light toward the blue immense, the landscape has the ability to show an image that is almost unreal. It is the sunset at Tanah Lot, the most photographed and famous scene from the island of Bali.



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