Africa  | 30/12/2014

Whale Watching in HERMANUS

At one point on the South African coast, located an hour and a half from Cape Town, between Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, there is a small town with a funny name, Hermanus, from where the whales and other large mammal’s watching boats departs to the best places.

This resort boasts of being the best place in the world for whale watching from land. Large mammals are close to the cliffs or harbour to snoop; projecting vertically and sticking out their huge heads repeatedly. They make a real display of physical strength and dipped again to hit the water with their tails; swim parallel to the coast, or suspend their, between 40 to 80 tonnes body, to let then fall into the sea so miserably. The Right Whale can measure between 14 and 18 meters and weighs an average of 54 tons. During the austral summer migrates to Antarctic waters to feed, and in winter they approaches South Africa coast to mate, reproduce or instruct the calves.

September and October months are the best Omega Replica , and Walker Bay use to concentrate between 150 and 200 whales. It is recommended to avoid the hustle and find a good spot on the 10 miles of cliffs, get up early in the morning when cetaceans are particularly active and the sea is calmer.



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