Oceania  | 05/10/2016

EGMONT Cape in Taranaki

During the day, the Cape Egmont Lighthouse visibly marks the westernmost point of Taranaki coast. At night, flashes a white light once every 8 seconds to indicate its location to the boats that are at a distance of up to 40.7 kilometers.

The Dutch explorer Abel Tasman in 1642, called the area Cape Pieter Boreels, but later in 1769, it was renamed by British explorer James Cook as Cape Egmont.

To find the lighthouse, which was automated in 1986, follow the 45 State Highway route to Pungarehu. South of town, turn right on Cape Road and from there are 5 km to the end of the road. The most spectacular of it, are the breathtaking views surrounding the lighthouse.



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