Africa  | 03/02/2017


In Madagascar, the so-called Tsingys or stone forests refer to karst formations, which eroded for thousands of years, end up forming a landscape that looks like another planet. In the western center of the province of Mahajanga, we find the Bemaraha Nature Reserve, a huge eroded limestone plateau that conforms a unique landscape.

The area, especially notable for its limestone pinnacles, so extremely sharp, that can inflict serious injuries to not prevented visitor. They have been formed because of the rains (annual average of 1,800 mm) that dissolve the limestone rock forming these sharp edges. It is dangerous, and often impossible, to move among the tsingy, except for the agile lemurs and other local fauna.

Since it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1990, it has a growing number of itineraries. The reserve consists of two parks, Petit Tsingy and Grand Tsingy.  



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