Asia  | 28/06/2016

Ice at YOLIIN AM Gorge

Yoliin Am is a deep and narrow gorge located east of the mountain known as The Three Beauties of Gobi, in Gurvansaikhan, Mongolia, within the National Park of the same name. The gorge has narrow paths between rocks, and in height, vultures and eagles fly the blue sky, waiting for any movement of potential prey.

The area is part of the Gobi Desert and as such, receives very little rainfall. However, in place, it survives for almost the entire year an ice covered area, protected by low winter temperatures, as well as by large stone walls that keep arriving sunlight.

The ice field reaches several meters thick at the end of winter, and is several kilometers long. In summer there may be more than a meter and a half thick, and standing on the ice, you can feel the flow of water underfoot.

The valley is called Yoliin because it is Yol's home, or bearded vulture, a protected species in Mongolia. This bird can fly between 1,500 and 3,000 m. high, usually nest more than 1,700 m.



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