Africa  | 02/12/2016

VICTORIA FALLS, Doctor Livingstone, I Guess

To look at the huge waterfall of the Victoria Falls, is one of the unforgettable experiences that can be lived in Africa. The water wall that forms the mighty Zambezi in a 1,7 kilometer-wide section is really shocking, as it falls through the crack of a basalt plateau into a narrow gorge, where the Zambezi river flows.

In 1855 the explorer, David Livingstone, baptized them with the name of his queen, Victoria, but in fact, they were called Mosi-or-Tunya (rumbling smoke). 

The unusual shape of Victoria Falls allows us to contemplate them entirely from a distance of only 60 meters, since the Zambezi river falls to a deep and narrow gulf connected with a series of gorges, forming small cataracts that allow the approach it on foot. 

The falls are shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe and each country has its own national park to protect them.



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