Africa  | 05/05/2017

SAMBURU Wildlife in Kenya

Name of the Natural Park of Samburu is given by the local population, who still inhabits the park, the samburus, a very colorful tribe that still live in a traditional way.

In Samburu, it is easy to find several species that live only north of the equator, and therefore are not found in other more southern parks. Among them is Grevy's zebra, which differs from its common relative by narrower fringes and large round ears. The oryx beisa, a beautiful gray antelope, with very long horns. The reticulated giraffe, Panerai Replica Watches undoubtedly the most beautiful of its kind. And the gerenuk, a stylized antelope with a slender neck and long legs that does not drink water and feeds on the acacia leaves.

The great advantage of Samburu is that the riverside rides give an opportunity to see a large number of animals at a very short distance. Its waters shelter its permanent inhabitants, hippopotamuses and crocodiles, while in their large acacias and palm trees swarm vervet monkeys and baboons.

Carnivores are also well represented in the Samburu complex. Lions and cheetahs dominate drier areas where they can drink and rest in the shade of the riparian forest. The hyenas, walks great distances with their light trot. But one of the major attractions of these area is that it is probably the place of Kenya where it is easier to spot leopards.



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