Asia  | 28/05/2016

POLONNARUWA, Sri Lankan Ancient Capital

World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982, Polonnaruwa, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka oozes legend and history through its impressive archaeological complex unfolds in in the face of the traveler.

The ancient city remains dating from the reign of the Indian Chola dynasty, in the XI and XII centuries, it is located besides Panakrama lake, in excellent condition. It extends over 122 hectares and has numerous monuments with architectural Indian influence.

Surrounded by gardens and greenery, it has pagodas, terraces and ancient temples. Most of the monuments are religious, but also civil buildings are preserved. It stresses the Citadel, Palace Parakrama Bahu, the Council Chamber, the Dalada Maluwa, the Rock Monastery, Cremation Monastery and also the Temple of the Rock, although the statue of lying Buddha is still the most beautiful of all.



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