Asia  | 03/04/2017

SARAWAK Longhouses

Longhouses are the most characteristic element of the tribal life of Malay Borneo, and many of the communities in Sarawak are still living at these traditional houses, huge wooden structures on stilts, where the Iban live under the same roof with separate rooms Which overlook a long veranda common.

Tourism has had a great impact on the daily live of longhouses. Today, it is common to reach a longhouse and attend a cultural show, small craft shops and other activities that obviously are not part of the indigenous people habits.

A visit to this traditional house starts with a welcome of the tuai rumah or chief, who will usually invite you to share food. Always take off your shoes. He will surely offer you tuak, a drink that always must to be accepted with both hands. They will also offer tuai rumah, eating it sitting on the floor, considerating that the feet tips can not point towards anyone. Food is usually simple, but you should eat it as part of the behavioral ritual.



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