Africa  | 03/02/2017


On Madagascar's north coast stands Diego Suarez Bay, one of the most beautiful in the world. The immense bay has long served as a sailors from all over the world as their refuge and, above all, the French, whose ships stopped here during their journey to the Indian Ocean.

Diego Suarez or Antsiranana, isn't a charming town, but its central location, equidistant from beaches and national parks, makes it a good place to stay. With its wide streets and colonial buildings, the city transmits a lethargic air, which is only perceived in the tropics, and that makes everything move without haste, with tranquility, denying the importance we use to give to time. 

There are no beaches in the town, but in its surroundings there is paradise. North of Diego, Cape Ambre is the largest northern point of Madagascar, while to the west, Windsor Castle, an impressive rock formation of 391 m. altitude, provides a unique view of the region. To the south, the Ambre Mountain National Park tries to preserve the native fauna and flora as well as this volcanic massif itself.

A very interesting cocktail for a stop in this wonderful corner of the world. 



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