Asia  | 02/01/2017

BAC HA Market

Bac Ha is located 70 km. east of Lao Cai, in the north part of Vietnam, which is accessed from Lao Cai itself or from Sapa.

It is a village that looks deserted most of the week, however, on Sunday morning it is transformed and attracts numerous mountain dwellers such as Dao, Tay, Thai, Nung and Hmong Flore among others. All of them go to the market of Bac Ha driving ponies loaded with firewood and baskets full of goods.

Products that are sold and exchanged include spices, fruits, vegetables, orchids, game meat and garments with exquisite embroidery. Most of the people of the mountains take advantage of the opportunity to buy everything necessary and also to buy products that do not exist in their village, such as toiletries, incense bars, religious objects, needles, embroidery thread and cloth, etc.



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