Middle East  | 21/10/2015

Al Husn Palace in ABU DHABI

The elegant and luxurious Abu Dhabi, classical Arab city constructed of petrodollars, was 40 years ago a fishermen village and pearl production. Currently is the capital and second largest city of the United Arab Emirates mixture of parks and gardens, oasis and beaches, architecture and cutting-edge infrastructures, with tradition and historic heritage of a country with more than 3,000 years old, through souks, crafts, palaces like Al Husn, the Iranian bazaar or the dates and vegetables market.

The Al-Husn Palace, known as the White Fort, Rolex Replica  is the ancestral home of the ruling dynasty Al-Nahyan. It dates back to 1761, when a watchtower was built to protect the new settlement. However, the current stone building is from the twentieth century and was the residence of the ruling family until 1966. The palace has now been a prolonged restoration that shows it reborn as the main memorial of Sheikh Zayed.



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