Middle East  | 28/10/2016

Eternally ABU SIMBEL

Abu Simbel means pure mountain, and is a complex of two rock-dug temples that were ordered to be built by Ramses II. The temple is dedicated to the worship of Rameses himself, whose purpose in building them was to impress the neighbors of the South and to reinforce the influence of the Egyptian religion.

Currently the temples are not in their original base; when the Aswan Dam was built they had to be moved to other place to save them from being submerged by water. Unesco began a colossal project to transfer them to an artificial island, created a few meters from the original place.

Abu Simbel, in the desert of southern Egypt, can be accessed by car, plane or river boat; three ways to reach those that will offer one, and at the same time different vision of this wonderful place.



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