Africa  | 05/05/2014

Sunrise in MOREMI

Sunrise in Moremi. Upon leaving the lodge, you enter about 5,000 square kilometers of wilderness with canals, islands, papyri, amarula shrubs and acacias. The sun climbs quickly, as if afraid to burn the horizon, and the soundtrack, in the distance,  the roar of lions, hippos guttural laughter and the metallic clink of bell frogs. Moremi is a nature reserve in the Okavango Delta, the largest inland river mouth in the world, ending diluted under the Kalahari Desert. Moremi is one of the biggest attractions in Botswana.

You enter from Maun, either by jeep overland or by plane. To enter the reserve you must cross the Buffalo Fence, a 3,000 kilometers fence around part of the Okavango to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease, which in the past caused problems for migrating hordes of buffalo, zebra and wildebeest.

Along the roads, it is common to see birds, antelopes (impala, kudu, springbok ...), zebras, giraffes and wild boars. More  difficult to spot are the  exciting predators, and for this we must really on expert guides to interpret tracks, sounds and reactions in other animals. At dawn and dusk, is  time to go out on a 4X4 safari, and it is important to sharpen your senses, and if you are lucky see a leopard sitting on a termite mound, a group of lionesses in the shadow of an acacia, or a pack of wild dogs.



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