Asia  | 04/05/2014

MANDALAY, Back to a Forgotten Era

Mandalay, the second largest city of Myanmar, is one of the most evocative places on earth. With images of tropical heat, Buddhist temples and unrequited love, it will be forever linked to the writer Rudyard Kipling.

The road to Mandalay is full of flying fish, as it is not a road but a river, the Irrawaddy. Through the mist of morning, no traffic noise is heard, the mist rises from the dark green foliage and tries to penetrate between the shining golden, rooves of pagodas and monasteries.

On the streets at morning rush hour, traditional costumes are the norm. Men and women wear the longyis, the  Burmese sarong. School children walk to school with small boxes that bring lunch. Girls have cheeks stained with Thanaka, a natural sunscreen. Barefoot monks with alms to collect from hawkers cooking spicy fish broth.  All these share space with motorcycles, automobiles and rickety rickshaws.

The heat, the smells, street life and Mandalay colours are intoxicating and will surely fascinate and engage  any traveller.




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