Middle East  | 10/06/2014

The City of the Dead CAIRO

Behind the Citadel in Cairo, between the hills of Moqattam, lies the famous City of the Dead a glorious succession of domes and minarets. The area is a favourite place of the Sufis (Muslim mystics) to meditate. In the fourteenth century, it housed the tombs of Sufi sheikhs. The historic belief in Egypt is that the cemeteries are an active part of the community and not exclusively for the dead.

With the population boom, rural migration and homelessness, medieval tombs were structured as authentic houses, dwellings for the lower middle class. There are very interesting mausoleums Barquq, Barsbey and Qaitbey to name a few.

The city of the dead can be visited, but is best done by taxi or with a guide.

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