Africa  | 12/06/2014

Addo Elephant National Park in SOUTH AFRICA

Lions are fearsome, giraffes are tender, spot a leopard and your heart jumps, but there's nothing like seeing an elephant up close. They are huge, almost 4 meters high and weigh more than six tons. An encounter with a mature specimen (with a trunk 2 meters long) is unforgettable and a little scary. The Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape of South Africa is, as its name suggests, a meeting place for elephants. Housing around 450 grey giants, the park has flourished since it opened in 1.931, when only 11 elephants were housed.

As a reminder, you are not allowed to bring in citrus fruits on safari. This is because elephants who have been fed oranges and grapefruit in the past, have been known to attack vehicles containing these fruits.



El Elefante de SUDAFRICA

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