Oceania  | 15/06/2014

A Giant Insect in WELLINGTON

There are many travellers who choose to go to New Zealand only to find strange animals. One such strange being is the unique  weta, a prehistoric-looking insect. It's like a cross between a grasshopper and a cockroach , who has had started lifting weights and taking steroids! The giant weta, a colossal insect, is one of the largest in the world. It’s legs can span 20 centimetres,  with spikes and armour covering its 10 centimetres long body.

When disturbed, the giant weta tends to hiss. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) the chances of experiencing this hiss is scarce (as they primarily live on small islands off the coast of New Zealand), but you can sometimes spot them in  their caves in Zealandia Eco Sanctuary, Karori Nature Reserve in Wellington.



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