Middle East  | 30/06/2014

DUBAI Mall, Extravaganza in Shopping

The Dubai Mall is the worlds biggest shopping centre based on total area, with more than 1,200 stores, and offers up a real family leisure centre.

The star of the show, is the Underwater Zoo and Aquarium with its 33,000 submarine creatures who live in an immense fishbowl. From the outside, you can see a glass wall three stories high, for free. There is an entrance fee to enter  the Underwater Zoo. There is a  tunnel  you can walk through and watch sharks and rays being fed.  The Underwater Zoo displays three ecosystems, tropical forest, rocky shore and living ocean with exotic creatures such as  Otters, piranhas, Lion fish, giant spider crabs and over 40 individual aquatic displays.

Another huge attraction for the children is the Sega Republic, a cacophonous leisure park full of games and attractions including a Russian mountain interior and Movement Simulator Indiana Jones style. Another guaranteed hit with the kids is Kidzania.  A  miniature city where kids can role play, and experience life as a doctor, a mechanic, a professional pilot or numerous other careers.

Dubai Ice Rink is also an Olympic-size Ice rink which is invaded by teenagers during disco Sessions!

An enormous range of things to do, which goes well beyond the luxurious shops that make up Dubai Mall.



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