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In a  matter of crafts, Madagascar is characterized by a multitude of objects to work with materials that only nature can offer, and Malagasy craftsmanship is a clear example of the ability to take advantage of the natural environment.
The famous Antemoro paper is produced under traditional methods, and was rediscovered early last century by Pierre Mathieu. His company still works in Ambalavao, where locals manufacture by hand, this thick, grainy, white paper, often embedded with dried flowers to decorate it.
Zafimaniry art is linked to the ethnic group of the same name. Living in south-eastern Ambositra, the art is traditionally made of wood. Many everyday objects, jars for honey, tools and blowpipes are made. Wood is also used for more decorative items such as carved shutters and carved chests.
Basketry is another tradition maintained in Malagasy life, woven from vegetable fibres such as raffia, rattan, and palm or coconut palm. These have multiple uses such as roofs, the walls of the houses, hats, baskets, etc. 
The recycling of the tin has been integrated into the Malagasy economy. From plates and recycling cans, they produce useful items for daily living such as watering cans, buckets, jugs and toys of all kinds.
The list of handicrafts in Madagascar is very extensive, it also includes the carved stone, batiks and paintings on silk, and also embroidery, you wil be sure to find a special souvenir to remind you of your time here.



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