Asia  | 26/07/2014

KOMPONG LUONG the Floating Village

Kompong Luong is the most accessible of the floating villages that exist in the Tonle Sap in Cambodia, near Pursat. The actual distance can vary depending on whether you go during the dry season or the rainy season. It’s about 40 km in the dry season, or less, about  35 km in the wet. Inhabited by about ten thousand people, predominantly the ethnic Cham and Vietnamese families. This town is founded on old ships, has its own shops, restaurants, farms, and even gas stations.

 A Kompong Luong can be reached by bike or car from Pursat. To get there, head east from Pursat on National Route 5 for 30 miles, arriving at Krakor, then take the turnoff to Lake Tonle Sap. 



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