Africa  | 28/07/2014

NGORONGORO the Great Hole

Ngorongoro, which in maa means "big hole". Million years ago, Ngorongoro volcano exploded and collapsed in on itself. Today its crater, which has a diameter of 16 km, is a major African attraction. The park, which can only be visited during the day, covers 265 square km, and includes its walls, the ancient volcano caldera and also the crater.

In the park you can find most of  Africas wildlife, except for giraffe. In the dense forest that covers the slopes, and the arid caldera savannas, are filled with mammals. South of Lake Magadi's you can also find yellow baboons and the rare bronze nectarinia (a small bird, like the hummingbird).



El Elefante de SUDAFRICA

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