Middle East  | 12/10/2014

Mummies at El CAIRO Museum

In the Royal Mummy Room of the Cairo Museum you can see the mummies of eight pharaohs and three queens. The time needed to prepare a mummy from death to burial, was 3 months. The work began with an abdomen incision to remove the viscera, which were stored in a special pot, except the heart, which remained within the body. The body was filled with perfumes and myrrh, then sewed and covered with sodium carbonate for 70 days to be dehydrated. Finally the body is washed, it is smeared with ointment and wrapped in linen bandages impregnated with resins, including amulets that were introduced in specific ritual points.

At the funeral, the procession, the mourners and priests accompanied the mummy to the tomb, where they proceeded to "open his mouth" symbolically.

In the room, which is under strictly controlled environmental conditions, thus ensuring an excellent state of preservation, the remains Henuttawi and Nedjemet queens, are located in the room's centre.



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