Asia  | 14/10/2014

BHUTAN, Hidden in the Himalayas

Spirituality in Monasteries, or Dzongs guarding cities, and temples dotting villages. Windmills that distribute water from streams, and flags swaying in the wind. A different country at the highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas, lies Bhutan.

A closed kingdom to the world until recently, Bhutan is now open to satellite antenna and Internet. Eternal snows coexisting with the spinning wheel and the computer, traditional dress and mandatory suit with hidden jeans. Distances are measured in time, and time shows itself, forward and backward in every curve of the road. A girl woven into the door of a house, a child strains his bow (marksmanship is a national sport). While in the capital, Thimpu, young people walk around with gelled hair, similar to young people everywhere. The tradition survives, but embraces the modern. Meanwhile, the amulets with their beliefs remain stable. The magic is part of life.



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