Asia  | 07/01/2016

Kalta Minor Minaret in KHIVA

Khiva's name, in Uzbekistan, redolent of slave caravans, barbaric cruelty and terrible journeys across deserts and steppes infested with wild tribes-men, struck fear into all but the boldest 19th century hearts.

Nowadays, the historic heart of Khiva, has been very well preserved. Walking through the walls of the old Ichon-Qala, just south of the Kuhna Ark stands the fat, turquoise-tiled Kalta Minor Minaret. This unfinished was begun in 1851 by Mohammed Amin Khan, who according to the legend wanted to build a minaret so high he could see all the way to Bukhara. Unfortunately, the khan dropped dead in 1855 and it was never finished.



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