Asia  | 21/02/2015

Wat Si Saket in VIENTIANE

The oldest temple in Vientiane escaped destruction when the Siamese sacked the city and burned the rest of the temples. The Wat Si Saket was built in 1818 for King Anouvong, known as the Chao Anou, and it was here where the Laotian nobility swore shoesincrease

to him loyalty. The king turned against his former allies, the Siamese, and because of that decision, he lost the capital and his life.

The element that makes this temple unique is the cloister surrounding the Sim or the ordination hall. Its interior walls have 2,000 Buddha images arranged in a small symmetrical niche focused on the center of the ordination hall.

The Sim has a beautiful roof with five overlapping planes that have been restored twice by the French, and so has a finish with a very European feel.

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