Africa  | 20/02/2015

RANOMAFANA National Park

Ranomafana National Park is located in south eastern Madagascar, in Fianarantsoa province. It is special because it is a primary tropical forest, full of varied flora and fauna, with beautiful canyons erected over gorges. Made up of lush vegetation, and  highlighted by many medicinal plants, ferns, and a large variety of orchids. It also has a strange cactus, madascariensis Rhipsalis, which unlike the usual cactus, grows in the middle of a lush rainforest,
instead of harsh environments.

The park also houses 110 species of birds, of which 36 are endemic, hundreds of species of chameleons, frogs (some endemic), and twelve species of lemurs . Two of the hardest Lemurs to spot are the Hapalemur simus and Golden bamboo lemur. This second has the dubious distinction of feeding on a variety of bamboo that contains cyanide in its branches. They can consume amounts that would be able to kill 10 humans!



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