Asia  | 23/03/2015


Today Beijing is an example of metropolis that leads to the finest combining modernity with tradition, the best-hidden spots and hippest things. While the high-rise glamour of modern Beijing dominates the skyline, the hutongs are still the lifeblood of the city.

This network of cramped alleyways courses its way through the capital, and though the courtyard homes are often razed to raise skyscrapers, the neighbourhoods still thrive. The single-story imperial architecture plays host to a Beijing that most tourists do not get to see, a unique mix of long-term residents, migrant workers, and foreigners championing the city’s creativity and tradition.

This is the part of town where you will be woken by the sound of the knife sharpener starting his day at six in the morning; just hours after the cocktail bars have cleared out. The hutongs are the real Beijing and an experience unavailable anywhere else.



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