Asia  | 29/03/2015

INLE Lake in Myanmar

Everything is unusual and amazing in this place tucked away in the remote region of Sham in Myanmar. With 22 km. long and 10 km. wide, is located 900 meters above sea level, surrounded by two mountain chains that surround it; Inle Lake has lived away from the world around him, with more than sixty thousand souls who populate its shores and who lives in houses fixedinside the water, with floating gardens and precarious crafted boats.

This is one of the Myanmar main attractions for its landscape and for the Inthas, who live on floating islands and have the habit of rowing with his legs; standing on one leg while using the other to paddle or fishing gear handle.

Its waters are full of water hyacinths whose roots are sunk in the mud and grow on the surface of a formidable way. Inthas, usually drag the brush to a place near their towns, arranged in long rows separated by channels and fixed to the bottom with bamboo stakes. Soon, sediment accumulation becomes floating rows of vegetable gardens capable of producing several crops a year. When not cultivate the grove, Inthas use to be fishing in the lake.



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