Africa  | 25/05/2015

Aroma of Coffee in ETHIOPIA

In many cultures, coffee is present, but there is no place as endearing as it is in Ethiopia.

The coffee ceremony is in the daily life an occasion to enrich the social life and take a break with friends and neighbors.

Every detail is important in the ceremony, it starts from roasting the grains and letting the people present to smell the unique aroma that emerges from the roasted grains. On the ground often there is an aromatic plant and is incense, also burned in some points of the ceremony. A unique experience of the senses.

Ethiopian people use to be very welcoming and social and this occasion is a good moment to interact with locals in their won terrain. Any time you have the chance to participate in an Ethiopian coffee ceremony just enjoy it. Sometimes instead of wasting the time you have to consider to take the best of it.

Post: Teresa Alari



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