Middle East  | 08/06/2015

Underwater Guinness World Record in HURGHADA

It was about to exceed 300 divers participating in an underwater clean-up in an event of 24 hours, a record held by the city of Dubai. This challenge was organized by Ahmed Gabr, who has the deepest record in 332,35 meters achieved last September, and with Hello Travel logistics, our partner in Egypt.

For decades the marine life brought happiness to all scuba divers around the world and since Egypt is blessed with the magnificent Red Sea that attracts divers from all over the globe. Ahmed thought it is about time to show some appreciation to it. He organized the biggest underwater clean up after Guinness World Records had officially approved the application.

The new Guinness World Record was recorded in Egypt on June the 5th, as the local champion Ahmed Gabr and Hello Travel led 614 divers in the biggest underwater clean-up which took place in the Red Sea right off Hurghada in celebration of the World Environment Day. Congratulations!



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