Asia  | 31/07/2015

TAMAN NEGARA, Primary Nature

With an area twice the size of Luxembourg, Taman Negara is the largest national park in the peninsular Malaysia. Everything around it is great, the trees seem tiny in an immense forest as ancient (over 130 million years ago), where ants and other animals are giant.

It is a paradise for some endangered species such as Asian elephants, tigers, leopards and rhinos; but beyond snakes, lizards, monkeys, small deer and a tapir, and a very large variety of birds, animals are difficult to see because of the hilly terrain, and the jungle lush.

The best time to visit is in the dry season, between February and September, and the biggest reward we can get is the fact of going through one of the world’s most pristine and primitive jungles, as it has not been affected by glaciation and has also avoided any volcanic activity.



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