Africa  | 02/08/2015

The HAMER, Shepherds of Tradition

The Hamer, traditional shepherds and subsistence farmers occupy a vast territory stretching east of Ethiopia, from the Omo River to Lake Chew Bahir.

Their women are particularly impressive, heavy braids adorned with ochre coloured hair that forms a thick bang, leather skirts decorated, a dozen or more of copper bracelets set to arms, bumps on the skin that are created by practicing cuts and treating the wound with ash and charcoal, and coloured bands hanging from her waist. Married wear a wide collar of copper, often with a circular wedge about ten centimetres long at the front.

The men, although also practice body scarification, use a simpler attire, except when wear paintings made with different coloured paste in his full body, before a dance or ceremony. Clay covered bows that some men wear in the head show they have killed someone or some dangerous animal in the past year.

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