Asia  | 10/01/2016

Mrauk-U Culture

Mrauk-U, in Rakhine state on Myanmar's western coast, was the last capital of the Arakan kingdom from 1430 to 1784. During this period, the kingdom was exceedingly powerful and wealthy and drew merchants and would-be colonialists from all over the world, reaching a population of over 1 million that dwarfed cities like London and New York during that period.

Devoutly Buddhist, and like their Burmese and Thai neighbors to the East, the Arakans built hundreds of temples to make merit and seek favor for the next life. Many of these temples remain today and are waiting to be explored by intrepid travelers.

Myanmar's 2nd archaeological site, Mrauk-U's temples are smaller and younger. Unlike Bagan’s, they are predominately made from stone and are dispersed throughout a still-inhabited and fecund backdrop of busy villages, such as the Chin villages, where women sport full-facial tattoos, a sign of beauty, strength and pride.



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