Oceania  | 03/02/2016

Narnia Landscapes in COROMANDEL

The Pavensie children, characters of The Chronicles of Narnia, cross through a natural tunnel that re-enter the fantasy world. In the film, this door is represented in a natural setting called Cathedral Cove. The beach, at Te Whanganui-A-Hei area, is located in the Coromandel Peninsula, northwest of New Zealand North Island.

The truth is that beyond the fame of the countryside through the film, Cathedral Cove is located on an 840-hectare reserve that is already visited by thousands of travelers every year. The arc is huge and joins two creeks at the cliffs foot and lush vegetation.

Among small bays and coves, are also curious some rock formations in which stands a huge rocky outcrop known as Te Hoho, emerging from the sand with capriciously shaped by wind and water, as if it were the bow of a supposed shipwreck.



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