Africa  | 04/02/2016


The cheetah has a coat covered with black and yellowish brown round spots. Exceeds 140 cm in length and 60 kg weight. It is the fastest animal of the savannah, as can reaches 115 km/h in seconds. Furtively follows his prey, and when it is within a walking distance, attack with incredible accuracy. However, it is not always successful, because this effort can only be hold it for a short time. Sometimes it is too tired to devour the prey, nor defend it from other predators who take advantage of it.

It hunts with daylight, when large carnivores are inactive, and usually eat once a week. If fasting is prolonged, loses strength and is at risk of starvation.

It is not difficult to see them hunting in Masai Mara Nature Reserve, a Kenyan park that covers over 1500 km2, and created in 1961 in the territory that had previously been confined the Maasai.



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