Africa  | 03/05/2016

UGANDA much more than Gorillas

Emerging from the shadows of its dark history, a new dawn of tourism has

risen in Uganda, polishing a glint back into the pearl of Africa.

Travelers are streaming in to explore what is basically the best of

everything the continent has to offer.

For a relatively small

country, there is a lot that is big about the place. Its home to the

tallest mountain range in Africa, the source that feeds the world’s

longest river and the continent’s largest lake. In addition, with half

the remaining mountain gorillas residing here, as well as the Big Five

to be ticked off, wildlife watching is huge. Uganda remains one of the

safest destinations in Africa. Other than watching out for the odd hippo

at your campsite, there is no more to worry about here than in most

other countries.

Speke Uganda Holidays is our trusted partner in these latitudes, Uganda and Rwanda.



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