Asia  | 29/06/2016

KHUVSGUL Lake, the Blue Eye of Mongolia

All foreign and locals wants to go to Khuvsgul lake, the blue eye of Mongolia, however it may be far from their home.

Khuvsgul is the world's largest lake by surface and contains 0,4% of the earth's entire freshwater reserves. Ninety-six lakes, rivers, and streams flow into it, but only the Egiin Gol leaves it, taking its origin from there.

On a summer trip, one can admire the many colours and forms of nature's beauty and become acquainted with the life of people, animals, and plants coexisting in harmony.

Taking to the waters of this lake, visitors can board one of the many motorboats waiting for them. The lake is up to 260 metres deep. It is sure to impress you, to enchant you with its purity, and to become for you one of the highlights of Mongolia.



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