Asia  | 30/06/2016

Incredible Sand Dune of KHONGOR

In Mongolia, in the territory of Sevrei Soum,  province of South Gobi there is a sand dune called Khongor. This sand dune covers a 130 Km. area. Its overall width is between 3 to 5 kilometers, but gets somewhere 20, and the height is approximately 80 meters.

The dune is also referred by locals as "voicy Mankhan" as it generates a sound similar to the airplanes. Travelers have the opportunity to climb to the top, and go down it to experience this original sand sound.

Locals recommend walk up barefeet on the hot sand which is extremely healthy. For those who do not want to walk, they may have the possibility of riding a camel.

Just behind the sand dune there is a river also called Khongor, that runs along the dune more than 10 km. Due to the passage of water in its banks, sprout a green grass, which contrasts with yellow sand and blue sky, creating an idyllic image. Perfect harmony in nature.



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