Asia  | 06/03/2017

Leopards in SRI LANKA

The Sri Lankan leopard is the island’s most striking, and most elusive resident. These magnificent animals, which can grow to over two metres in length, are now endangered in Sri Lanka due to habitat destruction, although the island still has more of the creatures per square kilometer than anywhere else in the world. It’s though that there are around five hundred in the whole of the island, with some two hundred concentrated in Yala National Park.

Each leopard hunts within a set territory, preying on smaller or less mobile mammals, most commonly deer; most hunting is done at dawn or dusk, which is generally the best time to spot them. They have a diverse diet and will eat anything from insects to deer, although some of them develop a taste for certain types of meat. They are also expert climbers, and sometimes can be seen sitting in trees, where they often store the remains of their kills; they are also spotted basking in the sun on rocky outcrops.



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