Asia  | 07/03/2017

Sir Thomas Lipton and CEYLON Tea

For all the pioneering efforts of Sir James Taylor, the father of Sri Lanka’s tea industry, it was another Scot, Sir Thomas Lipton who almost single-handedly put Ceylon tea on the global map.

In 1871, he founded his first shop selling Irish bacon in Glasgow. By 1880 he had twenty shops and by 1890 over three hundred. In 1899, Lipton moved into tea retailing, announcing his new wares with a parade of brass bands and bagpipers; by undercutting the then going price by two-thirds, he succeeded in selling ten million pounds of tea in just two years. The real birth of the Lipton’s tea dynasty.

En route to Australia, Lipton stopped off in Ceylon and, true to his “cut out the middleman” motto, bought up five bankrupt tea estates including what would become his favorite, at Bambatenne, near Haputale. Trumpeting his new acquisitions with relentless advertising and a new slogan “Direct from the Tea Gardens to the Teapot”. Definitively, Lipton put Ceylon tea firmly on the world map and massively stimulated demand for it back in Britain.



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