Asia  | 31/12/2014

MALACCA, Mixed City

Malacca, in 2008 declared World Heritage by UNESCO, is a living example in Southeast Asia of a mixed city where many European and Asian influences along of more than 500 years have created an exceptional urban space.

It is unlike any city in Asia, much less of Malaysia. Looking where you look always appears somewhat puzzling, difficult to classify, to put a name. Suddenly, a church appears with Dutch influence, but also with Chinese characters, a Portuguese fort with British guns, a former Sultan’s palace that goes further to the architectural regional canons or an unusual statue of St. Francis Xavier.

It also happens with the cooking, which is pure fusion before the term was invented, and same impression is repeated with people, who retain features of all cultures and civilizations that have passed through this strategic place in the Malacca’s strait.

A wandering prince of Sumatra founded the city, back around 1400, after which came the Chinese merchants and then the Portuguese. They brought the essence that makes up the city today, above all, extremely welcoming, friendly and grateful to tourism. Panerai Replica



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