Middle East  | 27/03/2016

Discovering DUBAI by Helicopter

See Dubai as never seen. Surprise your clients with an impressive helicopter overflight in an emirate where the urban landscape is its hallmark, and observe it from the air, is the best way to have a clear impression that this is a city that very clearly belongs the twenty-first century.

From the sky will experience the sensation of floating in the air, slowly flying over the sights of the city. An exciting place to visit from an amazing new perspective way the city. The helicopter takes off from the airport, and fly above the Burj Dubai, demonstration of opulence and magnificence, the Palm Jumeirah and other peculiar constructions of Dubai, which are part of its skyline. At the end, flying back over Sheikh Zayed Road on the horizon of the modern city.



El Elefante de SUDAFRICA

Agosto 2017

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