Asia  | 06/04/2017

LANGKAWI, Islands Dream

North of Malaysia, this 99 islands archipelago has at its heart all the comforts and distractions you can imagine. its crystalline waters of its small coves coexist in perfect union with the purest jungle and its fauna, and the magnificent Asian food that can be enjoyed there, are just the tip of the iceberg of this place.

Just to mention a few wonders of nature that the island of Langkawi preserves, note some small waterfalls hidden in the middle of the rocky jungle, which make the visitor think that he is still in paradise.

It is also amazing to go canoeing in one of its rivers to observe the great variety of wildlife that cohabit between salt water and fresh water.

But if you really want to admire the majesty of the land you have under your feet, climb the Oriental Village cable car, which in less than 10 minutes, will move you up to 800 meters. From the top of the viewpoint, you will see the whole island, from the blue and calm ocean to the vast and extensive jungle forests that house the most incredible creatures.

Strolling through the small coastal village, from where the cable car leaves, is also an important part of the charm of Langkawi Island, as we will learn about the way of life and customs of the locals.



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