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LAMU Exclusive Paradise

Lamu archipelago is located in the Kenyan northern coast, it is the oldest swajili settlement in East Africa, according to UNESCO.

There are no monuments or landscapes in Lamu. The swiss replica watches   islands are like a jar where swajili essence is preserved into traditional architecture, carved doors, facial features of their mestizo inhabitants, or the dialect swajili ki-amu, which are written the most beautiful chapters in the history of this place.

The old sea wall of Lamu Old Town, is the window of this city. On this narrow strip of red sand called Harambee Avenue and on its main street, the Kenyatta Road, activity flows in small restaurants, shops and few offices the island have like a bank, the post office or the police. There are no cars, the inhabitants move by donkey or lateen boats pushed by the wind.

The Lamu archipelago is a Muslim territory and although coexistence with Christianity is not strange, Islam is strongly entrenched. Here is much more common bui-buis, black robe and kofias, the caps worn by the men, than the colourful kangas, clothes which females use to dress in Kenya.

About 45 minutes' walk from Lamu, Shela Beach, which extends solitary, is beautiful and quiet. It is a must turning the island aboard with a felucca. Within few hours you can reach Kipungani, where fishermen and craftsmen spend their days putting together baskets, mats and hats. Further north, Matondoni offers the chance to see how agile the faluchos or feluccas are.


Another interesting point is the island cuisine; a blend of African flavours, Arabs and Indians, with curries, kebabs and tikas. But as in all places of coastline, fish is a must rather than an option; in different restaurants we can offer excellent fishes, lobsters and other seafood, accompanied by great juices in a really affordable prices.



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