Asia  | 03/01/2017

SUKHOTHAI, Unesco World Heritage

Sukhothai lies 440 kilometers north of Bangkok and is considered as the capital of the first independent Thai kingdom. Founded in 1238, the city was the birthplace of Thai civilization and represents one of the most important historical sites in Southeast Asia.

During the thirteenth century flourished a lush and creative culture based on Buddhism, the ruling warrior class and a thriving local economy. This was the period of maximum splendor for Sukhothai, under the reign of King Ramkamhaeng who invented the Thai alphabet, introduced free trade, made civil laws and promoted the spread of Buddhism. Under his reign, Sukhothai continued flourishing until the middle of the fourteenth century when the Ayutthaya dynasty lost power, marking the decline of the ancient and splendid capital. 

Declared by UNESCO world heritage, ancient Sukhothai is rich in ruins of many Khmer, Hindu, Burmese and Mon influence temples. At its heart lies Wat Mahathat, the largest monastery that, even without roof, is a proof of the majestic splendor of the period. 



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